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Located at a peaceful lush ambiance in Alappuzha district, Kerala, Krishnendu Ayurveda has been voted as the Best Ayurveda Centre thrice in Kerala, India for its exceptional quality of treatment and medicine.

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  • Forerunners in Authentic Ayurveda and Yoga since 1908.
  • Run by 4th Generation family of Ayurveda Physicians with a tradition Since 1908.
  • Offers finest quality of Ayurveda medicines concocted using authentic and traditional formulations passed down from generations.
  • Has well-qualified doctors and highly trained masseurs with a knowledge of ancient Ayurvedic treatment techniques.
  • Successfully completed NABH preliminary Assessment
  • Approved Centre for Reimbursement on Treatments for Kerala Govt. Employees.
  • Voted Best Ayurveda Centre thrice in Kerala, India for its exceptional quality of treatment and medicine.
  • Has successfully treated and spread smiles in more than 2.5 million patients since 1908.

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Effective Treatment for Back pain, Knee pain, Joint pain, Diabetes, Asthma, Obesity, Migraine, Depression,Infertility, Arthritis, Neck Pain, Frozen Shoulder, Spondylosis, PCOD, Psoriasis and other Skin diseases, Hair fall, Piles, Acne etc Call our doctor to know more

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Swanthanam – Pain relief therapy for Muscles & Joints, Samridhi – Holistic Health, Nirvana – Whole body Rejuvenation, Mukthi-Detoxification, Sampoorna – Stroke and Accident Rehabilitation Program.

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All rooms surfaces and public areas will be sanitized regularly,Therapist will wear a Face Mask ,Special Infection control protocol is followed here by staff trained under NABH guidelines

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Being obese all my life I was always sarcastic and sceptical about those overly marketed instant slimming solutions in the web. I chanced upon Krishnendu Ayurveda during my extensive research about treatment options available in Kerala Ayurveda for overweight after my friend’s suggestion. I liked the look and feel of the Krishnendu centre when I tried to know more about it and decided take a chance. And it so happens that my gut instinct led me right. From the moment of my arrival till my last day there, I felt like I am in the best place. I was assigned to Dr. sandeep and I can swear that I have never felt that I am in safe hands before. More than his expertise, I was astounded by his way of approach. My time with him was not just consultations but was more of interactive sessions. He was a keen listener to all my problems and thoughts that I had regarding my body, and even considered my opinions on what I think is the best that will work for me for maintaining healthy body. It was not at all judgemental like the ones that most obese persons would have had to confront when they go for weight loss treatment, where they will make you feel guilty for having a fat body.

When it comes to treatments, I am not claiming that it was quick and miraculous as I knew it will not be, but I can safely say that I did feel that many changes  happening in my body. During my course of treatment there I received the best care I could get and had a magical time enjoying each and every day. The day started with a morning yoga session which lasted for 1 hour, then having the sumptuous but low calorie breakfast at the ootupura restaurant.following with Ayurvedic therapies like udvarthana,Dhara etc .as for  exercise  part krishnendu has a lot of options like a multi gym,hydro exercises at the pool, ball exercises trained by the in house physio therapist,a jogging trail and it was so easy for me to find out which worked for me the best.And in the evenings I get to talk with other clients in the place and got to know that most of them were coming here for years.all in all the experience was a pure bliss.

I now visit Krishnendu Ayurveda once a year to maintain a healthy lifestyle and detox myself . I strongly recommend this centre  for everyone who are looking safe and healthy options for obesity treatments in Ayurveda.

Jai Mehta,Pune

I suffered from severe back pain as an occupational hazard from my desk job. As with all I also first sought treatment from an orthopaedic, but having no relief made me seek other options. I wanted to try Ayurveda treatments  and panchakarma  but couldn’t find time to go, finally I came to know about  Krishnendu Ayurveda through my cousin who who said I should try this centre for treatment as it is a traditional ayurveda centre with genuine treatment and medicine quality.

My first consultation was with Dr. Sandeep and he was genuinely friendly and kind. He studied my problems and suggested a treatment course of 14 days. My 14 days at Krishnendu was filled with relaxing therapies sessions to me ayurveda was all about massages.but coming here I knew it’s just not massages there are many therapies like Njavara Kizhi,Dhara etc which are the most effective for back pain . Along with the soothing yoga and meditation, nutritious and tasty food and all of this was enjoyed with the help of the doctors, therapists and other staff there who know how to make a patient feel comfortable. My pain was reduced considerably and was feeling more energetic than usual. I also believe that the serene and peaceful ambience of the facility helped a lot for my recovery. It was wonderful stay there. I am now planning to visit at least ce a year.

Sriyesh, New York

My mother had a lot of pain in her hands and legs and doctors told it was arthritis. We saw many doctors but she was not getting better. Later we went to Krishnendu for ayurveda treatmentThe doctors there helped my mother a lot. Earlier she was not able to walk properly because of pain in her knees and now she is fine. She very much liked the ayurveda therapies and said it felt very good. Also the doctors were very kind to her and they told her tips to reduce the pain. The staff also was very helpful and they did everything with a smile. We liked the kerala vegetarian food there, it was very tasty. The place is also beautiful and very peaceful without any disturbance. Me and my mother enjoyed a lot there. My mother is now happy and energetic after treatment there. We want to thank krishnendu for their good service. 

Sruthy Venkatesh, Chennai

I was under treatment for psoriasis in allopathy medicine. I had very big patches on my hands, feet and other parts of my body. But I could not feel any changes to it even after taking treatment for so long. It was very difficult for me to live with it and that was when I decided to try ayurveda. My son found about krishnendu ayurveda from the internet and contacted them. They replied positively for my treatment. I went there with my son for 14 day treatment. Dr.sandeep was my doctor and he gave me hope. He told me to be patient as it would take time to get better and also asked to do treatment in different sessions. I did panchkarma, first it started with Sneha panam (drinking of medicated ghee) for a few days .then went to Vamana the detox therapy. After which I felt really cleansed. I had a lot of stress due to my condition and the treatments like thakra Dhara there helped me to be calm. The itching on my body got better a lot after the first week itself. After my treatment I felt a lot better And some medicines were given to me for 3 months post the treatment which helpThe patches are still there but it is better than before treatment. I want to thank Dr. Mohan and all other staff for their help. I will go for treatment again at Krishnendu and I believe that they will help me with my disease. 

Sara Wilfred D’Souza, Bangalore