Physiotherapy & Gym

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Women’s Health Management – Ante Natal, Post Natal, Women’s Health like Obesity, Arthritis and Thyroid Problems
Functional Training Program – TRX
Hand Dysfunction Rehab – Trauma, Fracture, Nerve Injury
Lower Limb Biomechanics Dysfunction – Hip, Knee, Ankle Dysfunction, Arthritis, Joint Replacement Surgery, Ligament Injury, Post Arthroscopy
Neuro Rehab – Stroke, Parkinsons, Nerve Disorder
Ongoing Prevention Program (OPP)
Orthotic Therapy – Foot/Ankle Dysfunction (using special insoles & footwear)
Osteoporosis Prevention & Exercise Management
Performance Enhancement Program – Sports Injury Management & Prevention, Sports Specific Training
Prehab – Preventive Management for those who wish to improve their physical fitness to undertake challenges like overseas travel, treks, pilgrimage, active holidays etc.
Senior Citizen Health Management – Osteoporosis, Arthritis, Prevention of falls, General Fitness, Pain Management
Shoulder Complex Rehab – Rotator Cuff Injury, Shoulder Dislocation, Fracture, Post Arthoscopy
Special Population Rehab – General Fitness for those with Cardiac, Pulmonary, Rheumatic or Diabetic conditions
Spinal Rehab – Slip Disc, Canal Stenosis, Spondylolisthesis, Post-surgery, Sacro-iliac Dysfunction
Sports Injury & Prevention Rehab
STOTT PILATES for Rehab Program (Essential, Intermediate, Advance) – a safe & effective program
Young Adults’ Health Management – Posture & Ergonomic advice, Prevention of injury, growing pains
Corporate Wellness Programs – Workstation Evaluation & Advice, Stress Management, General Fitness, Prevention of Workplace Injury
Weight loss program for all ages, body toning & inch loss program

  • Cardio workouts
  • Theraband exercises
  • Advanced workouts
  • TRX
  • Balance training
  • Gym Ball exercises
  • Hand rehab
  • Shoulder rehab
  • Sports rehab
  • Gait & Posture Analysis
  • Lower Limb Training
  • Spinal Alignment evaluation to identify and treat certain biomechanical problems
  • Orthotic therapy for foot, ankle, knee and spine dysfunctions (We’ve been trained by Vasyli International, Australia, to evaluate and prescribe specialized orthotic products)