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No.1 Ayurvedic Treatment Center in Kerala, India

Krishnendu Ayurveda. Since 1908.

Welcoming you to the World of Authentic Ayurveda and Traditions! 

Located at a peaceful lush ambiance in Alappuzha district, Kerala, Krishnendu Ayurveda has been voted as the Best Ayurveda Centre thrice in Kerala, India for its exceptional quality of treatment and medicine.

Why Krishnendu Ayurveda

  • Forerunners in Authentic Ayurveda and Yoga since 1908.
  • Run by 4th Generation family of Ayurveda Physicians with a tradition Since 1908.
  • Offers finest quality of Ayurveda medicines concocted using authentic and traditional formulations passed down from generations.
  • Has well-qualified doctors and highly trained masseurs with a knowledge of ancient Ayurvedic treatment techniques.
  • Successfully completed NABH preliminary Assessment
  • Approved Centre for Reimbursement on Treatments for Kerala Govt. Employees.
  • Voted Best Ayurveda Centre thrice in Kerala, India for its exceptional quality of treatment and medicine.
  • Has successfully treated and spread smiles in more than 2.5 million patients since 1908.

Ayurvedic Treatments

Authentic Ayurvedic Treatments, Rejuvenation therapies, Detoxification and other specialty treatments under the effective guidance of Qualified Ayurvedic doctors. Know more...


Effective Treatment for Back pain, Knee pain, Joint pain, Diabetes, Asthma, Obesity, Migraine, Depression,Infertility, Arthritis, Neck Pain, Frozen Shoulder, Spondylosis, PCOD, Psoriasis and other Skin diseases, Hair fall, Piles, Acne etc Call our doctor to know more

Ayurvedic Packages

Ayurvedic Packages Providing the most Authentic and Effective Ayurveda Packages


Swanthanam – Pain relief therapy for Muscles & Joints, Samridhi – Holistic Health, Nirvana – Whole body Rejuvenation, Mukthi-Detoxification, Sampoorna – Stroke and Accident Rehabilitation Program.

Special Covid Protocols followed

All rooms surfaces and public areas will be sanitized regularly, Therapist will wear a Face Mask ,Special Infection control protocol is followed here by staff trained under NABH guidelines.


Email /Call us for booking an appointment after which your medicines will be shipped to your address world wide.
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Processing a Rich Ayurvedic expertise of 108 years, Krishnendu Ayurveda follows a holistic curative methodology aimed at finding the root cause of the disease and healing it.

Krishnendu Ayurveda offers effective and result-based Ayurveda treatments for Back Pain, Knee Pain, Joint Pain Diabetes, Asthma, Obesity, Cholesterol, Sinusitis, Migraine, Infertility, Arthritis, Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Neck Pain, Frozen Shoulder, Sciatica Spondylosis, PCOD, Gastric Problems, Psoriasis and other Skin diseases, Hair falls, Piles, Acne, Hair Growth etc.