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Miraculous Health Benefits of Curry Leaves

Curry leaves or Kadi Patta, as it is popularly known as, is fundamental in all Indian dishes. Not only does it proffer you a special flavor and aroma but also acts as a powerhouse of key health-triggering vitamins and minerals. This sparkly, aromatic herb imparts rich source of carbohydrates, fiber, calcium, copper and many other essential nutrients to your daily meal.

Below listed are the miraculous health benefits of curry leaves:


1. Aids digestion


According to Ayurveda, curry leaves embrace mild laxative properties that not only help the stomach eliminate waste from the system, but also clears the body of ‘Ama’ (toxic waste) and balances out the pitta levels in the body.
Tip: Having the juice of curry leaves with fresh lemon juice and sugar will help treat nausea and indigestion.


2. Lowers Cholesterol


Curry leaves are a good source of antioxidants which helps pacify LDL or bad cholesterol level and triggers the increase of HDL or good cholesterol. This process ultimately protects our body from heart disease and atherosclerosis.
Tip: Try & incorporate curry leaves in all your meals. Alternatively having fresh leaves on an empty stomach everyday can also help in lowering cholesterol.


3. Prevents Diarrhea


The carbazole alkaloids found in curry leaves contain anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties, thereby controlling diarrhea.
Tip: If you suffer from diarrhea, gently crush some curry leaves into a ball (Size of a berry), and have it with some butter milk. Consume this twice or thrice a day for relief from diarrhea.


4. Congestion & cold


If you suffer from a wet cough, sinusitis or chest congestion, curry leaves is a very effective home remedy. It helps to loosen up and release congested mucous.
Tip: Take a spoon of powdered curry leaves and honey. Make it a paste and eat this mixture twice a day to get relief from congestion.


5. Fights Diabetes


By lowering blood sugar levels, curry leaves prevent diabetes on taking its toll on our health. The leaves affect insulin activity of the body and balances blood sugar level.


6. Healthy eyes


The effectiveness of Vitamin A content imparts strength and rejuvenation to the eyes, and arrests the development of cataract.


7. Curtails Anemia


Curry leaves are an excellent source of iron and folic acid. The presence of folic acid is responsible for carrying and helping the body absorb iron, and since curry leaves is a rich source of both, it is the best natural remedy to beat anemia.
Tip: Eat one date (khajoor) with two kadi patta leaves on an empty stomach every morning if you suffer from anemia.


8. Weight buster

Daily consumption of curry leaves enhances digestion, reduces fat and cleanses the intestine thereby reducing your excess weight.
Tip: Having a ball of crushed curry leaves every morning in empty stomach with honey is good for those on strict diet.


9. Face beautifier

Curry leaves are efficient in reducing pimple, acne and black marks.
Tip: Apply a mixture of curry leaf paste and lemon juice on your face. Wash it off with cold water after some time.


Dr. Sandeep Krishna is the fourth generation descendant of the Chingoli family, Beyond his bachelor’s degree in Ayurvedic Medicine (BAMS),he has finished his post-graduation specialized in Panchakarma.

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