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Oral Hygiene tips is needed for everyone.Here is a blog about Ayurvedic treatment for teeth and gums and get a smart mouth.

Ayurvedic recommendations for healthy teeth and gums

Ayurveda regards common teeth disorders like cavities and receding gums as the signs of imbalance of a Kapha subtype.

Here are some Ayurvedic recommendations for oral health.

  • Chew a handful of calcium-rich white sesame seeds daily morning for strong teeth.
  • Use small stick-like branches or twigs of trees like neem or mango to brush and cleanse the teeth. Chew the stick at one end and then rub it on your teeth.
  • Take a mouthful of warm sesame oil and swish it from side to side for few minutes. Spit the oil out and then gently massage the gums you’re your index finger. This oil pulling and massaging technique act as a preventive against receding gums, tooth infection and cavities.
  • Astringent herbs can be used for brushing the teeth. Mix powdered neem with an equal amount of astringent herbs like lodhra, kushta and bilva for making a tooth powder.
  • A mixture of lodhra, kala namak, triphala and neem is also an excellent tooth powder.
  • Mix triphala powder with finely ground roasted almond shells and use it as a dental formula.
  • Take one gram of finely powdered rock salt and mix half a teaspoon of mustard oil in it to make a paste. Apply this paste on the gums, massage gently and rinse mouth with warm water. This strengthens the gums and kills germs, while also preventing swollen gums, tooth ache and bleeding gums.
  • Mix turmeric powder and mustard oil to make a paste and use it before going to bed at night to prevent toothache, dental caries and bleeding gums.
  • Drink half a glass of water mixed with two teaspoons of fresh lemon juice twice daily to strengthen both gums and teeth.
  • Chew a clove slowly after meals to use it as a mouth freshener and also to maintain strong teeth and gums. Applying a drop of clove oil in the dental cavity provides relief from tooth ache.
  • Brush your teeth using few drops of tea tree oil on a clean and wet toothbrush. Using a cotton swab, apply some tea tree oil on the exposed part of gums. This is beneficial to treat the sensitivity to cold and hot temperatures.

Ayurvedic home remedies for common dental problems

  • Teeth yellowing – Make toothpowder by mixing salt and finely powdered rind of lime to clean the teeth.
  • Tooth decay – Make a paste out of turmeric, salt and mustard oil and rub it on teeth and gums.
  • Bleeding gums – Use twig of neem, banyan, babul or holy basil to clean teeth or chew leaves of guava tree to stop bleeding.
  • Toothache – Oils of sesame seeds, cinnamon or clove is effective for pain relief. A clove of garlic with rock salt and a pinch of pepper powder is also beneficial for relieving toothache.



Dr. Sandeep Krishna is the fourth generation descendant of the Chingoli family, Beyond his bachelor’s degree in Ayurvedic Medicine (BAMS),he has finished his post-graduation specialized in Panchakarma.

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