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12 Incredible Health Benefits of Orange

Sweet and juicy to taste, orange is one of the most popular fruits in the World, and the sole one to have its name as its color. Packed with almost all essential nutrients, a medium, 2 1/2-inch orange fruit offers lots of vitamins, minerals, and fiber, all for a mere 60 calories.

The healthy aura of the fruit has no limits. They are the richest source of antioxidants of all fruits, and stimulates digestion, lowers cholesterol, protects against cardiovascular diseases and can even lower the risk of cancer.


Take a look at some of the amazing health benefits of this fruit:-


1. Boosts Immunity


Having a single orange can meet your daily requirement of Vitamin C for the body. This vital nutrient present in the fruit helps improve immunity, keeping you free from diseases and infections.


2. Helps in Weight Loss


The dietary fibers in the white layer of orange can restrain hunger for as much as 4 hours, keeping you feel full and stay away from cravings. Thus the fruit aids in weight loss.


3. Good for Heart


Oranges are a good source of folate and potassium, which can help protect against cardiovascular diseases. It also helps in lowering blood pressure.


4. Lowers Cholesterol


Pectin, one of the major content found in Orange helps in lowering the cholesterol level and slowing down the absorption of fats in the body.


5. Relieves Constipation


The pulpy fruit is abundant in dietary fiber which stimulates digestive juices and helps in easy digestion, thus giving you relief from constipation.


6. Prevents Kidney Stones


The fruit has citrate that is necessary to prevent kidney stone formation. It also enhances levels of citrate in the urine more than any other fruit.


7. Fights Stomach Cancer


Oranges provide essential vitamins, i.e. vitamin C which will help in lowering the risk of cancer, especially stomach cancer.

8. Prevents Ulcer


Oranges are rich in fiber which makes it very helpful in protecting our stomach and intestine against ulcers. It not only helps to prevent ulcers but also helps to reduce its effect on a person who is already having ulcer. Fresh orange juice is also good for preventing and treating ulcers.


9. Keeps up Respiratory Functions


Oranges are an excellent source to remove phlegm and it helps in clearing congestion in the nasal and chest passages.


10. Aids in Skin Care


The beta-carotene found in orange is a powerful antioxidant that provides protection for cells from any damages. It also shields your skin from free radicals and prevents signs of aging. Orange peel is used to clear, detoxify, and tone the skin and is used widely in skin care products.


11. Proffers Eye Care


Oranges are high in potassium and nutrients like Vitamin A, Vitamin C which is great for your eyes.


12. Prevents Cancer


Research has shown that a compound called D – limonene present in oranges can prevent various types of cancer like lung cancer, breast cancer, skin cancer, etc. Also, the antioxidants and Vitamin C in oranges help boost the body’s immunity which helps in fighting cancer cells.

It is found that Orange is the world’s third favorite flavor after chocolate and vanilla which means it’s both a treat to your taste buds and your body as well! Try incorporating oranges into your daily diet to feel more energized and healthy.

Tip: When you cut an orange, do it in the right way so as to ensure that the inner peel doesn’t come off since it is very nutritious and has higher amounts of hesperidin than the flesh itself.


Dr. Sandeep Krishna is the fourth generation descendant of the Chingoli family, Beyond his bachelor’s degree in Ayurvedic Medicine (BAMS),he has finished his post-graduation specialized in Panchakarma.

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